Funding & Support

Competitive External Grants

CHSPR researchers are funded by competitive external grants from provincial, national and international agencies. Some of our funders include:

  • Canada Foundation for Innovation
  • Canadian Health Services Research Foundation
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Commonwealth Fund
  • Health Canada
  • Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research


CHSPR also works with a number of organizations to conduct research, develop data resources, and train researchers. Some of our partners include:

BC Cancer Agency

BCCA provides a province-wide, population-based cancer control program for the residents of British Columbia and the Yukon. The Agency’s mandate covers the spectrum of cancer care from prevention and screening, to diagnosis, treatment, and through to rehabilitation.

Canadian Policy Research Networks

CPRN creates knowledge and leads public debate on social and economic issues important to the wellbeing of Canadians. The network brings together governments, unions, corporations, NGO, voluntary organizations, academics, and other think tanks to form networks of users and researchers for each research program.

Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis

Based at McMaster University, CHEPA promotes a collegial and supportive interdisciplinary environment that fosters excellence in acquiring, producing and communicating socially relevant knowledge in the fields of health economics and health policy analysis.

Centre for Population and Health Services Research

CPHSR is a cooperative initiative involving the Interior Health Authority and UBC Okanagan. As the Centre develops it will carry out research, teaching, training and consultancy in a range of areas in health services research, with the overall goal of informing policy and services designed to improve the health and wellbeing of the region served by the Interior Health.

Human Early Learning Partnership

CHSPR is working with HELP, a pioneering interdisciplinary research network at UBC, to facilitate database development for research into early child development in BC.

Manitoba Centre for Health Policy

The University of Manitoba Manitoba Centre for Health Policy examines patterns of illness in the population, and studies how people use health care services. The Centre's primary focus is: What makes people healthy?

Population Data BC

Population Data BC is part of the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research's Population Health Data Access and Analysis Platform which is a collaboration between Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia.

School of Nursing, UBC

The UBC School of Nursing is a leading provincial, national and international centre for nursing education, research, and practice scholarship.

Therapeutics Initiative, UBC

CHSPR researchers are engaged in ongoing collaboration with the Therapeutics Initiative, a UBC unit that provides physicians and pharmacists with evidence-based information on rational drug therapy.

Western Regional Training Centre for Health Services Research

CHSPR and the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy at the University of Manitoba are critical supporting pillars for the WRTC, providing curriculum development, student supervision and placement, database accessibility and assistance, and advisory committee participation.