Degree Programs


Degree Programs

CHSPR faculty supervise students pursuing thesis-based Master’s (MSc) and Doctoral (PhD) degrees in health services and policy research.

We provide instruction and mentorship within an applied research environment for students enrolled in degree programs offered through the UBC School of Population and Public Health, as well as other related programs offered through various UBC faculties and schools.

The MSc and PhD program in health services and policy research is aimed at developing independent research-based leaders capable of applying their interdisciplinary knowledge to a diverse range of health care and policy environments.

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What is HSPR?

Health services and policy research (HSPR) is a multi-disciplinary field that aims to improve the delivery of health care services and the systems within which they are delivered.

HSPR focuses on how to provide care that is accessible, effective, safe and of high quality; in ways that are efficient, and that optimize health benefits for patients and populations.

As a CHSPR student, you will work with professors that are internationally renowned for their expertise in a number of HSPR areas including health human resources, primary health care, pharmaceutical policy, and healthcare use and effectiveness.

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Which program is right for me?

Master’s Degree (MSc)

If you have completed a Baccalaureate degree, and are looking to pursue further training in a thesis-based research degree, the Master’s program may be right for you. As a Master’s student, you will have the opportunity to learn the foundations of research methodology and application through hands-on work with CHSPR faculty in ongoing research programs.

Doctoral Degree (PhD)

If you have a interest in conducting independent research, the PhD program may be right for you. Prospective PhD students must have research interests that are strongly aligned with those of CHSPR faculty. In addition, they typically will have completed a thesis-based Master's degree, or have previous experience in research. This program is designed for those who wish to pursue an advanced research degree that will enhance students' ability to contribute new knowledge to the field of health services and policy. It is best suited for those students who demonstrate strong potential for independent research.

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With over 20 years of experience in health services and policy research, CHSPR is a leader in educating and empowering students interested in advancing health policy in Canada.

Our program is aimed at helping you develop core competencies necessary to become a leader in the field, while providing you with the flexibility to advance and pursue your own interests.

Across sectors and disciplines, you will gain critical skills for solving complex problems and have the opportunity to collaborate in policy relevant research with some of the world’s top health services and policy researchers in the field.

Working and studying at CHSPR, you will gain an appreciation for the values that underpin strong health services and policy research that is aimed at serving the public interest.

With our distinguished faculty, innovative research programs, and diverse student body, you will have an opportunity to learn in one of Canada's premiere centres for graduate studies in health services and policy research.

Make CHSPR your graduate research home.