HSPR Careers


Graduates of the MSc and PhD program possess multi-disciplinary skill sets and competencies that are applicable to a diverse range of health services and policy research (HSPR) work. Whether practising within public (e.g. government, health authority), non-profit, or private sectors, our graduates are strongly positioned to take on roles that fall into three general areas:

  • Interpreting and Applying Research – this may involve working in settings where research is interpreted and applied to inform decision-making, manage health care service delivery, or develop policy about health care
  • Supporting Research - this may involve work, at various levels of responsibility, to support research teams who are actively conducting research
  • Leading and Performing Research – this level of work involves identifying important research questions, designing and leading research teams, and ensuring that research makes an important contribution to decision-making

Depending on student background, previous training and qualifications, graduates may find that their MSc or PhD degree supports them in moving into more specialized sectors or leadership positions, some of which include:

  • Applied Research Scientist positions within health delivery organizations
  • Clinician-Scientist positions
  • Policy Analyst roles
  • Research Support and Coordination
  • Academic positions
  • Research Associate positions within an academic environment
  • Independent Consulting
  • Public Advocacy roles
  • Research Administration and Management

Potential employers for MSc and PhD graduates in HSPR include provincial ministries of health, regional health authorities, public health departments, and federal agencies such as the Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Canada, and Environment Canada. Many career options are also available within non-governmental agencies or within private health care service organizations.