HSPR @ Work

Jamie Daw spends summer work semester in Parliament as a health services policy analyst

Jamie Daw, MSc Student

What did you do this summer?

As part of my training as a graduate student at CHSPR and with the Western Regional Training Centre for Health Services Research (WRTC), I spent the summer of my Master’s program working as a policy analyst in the Strategic Policy Branch at Health Canada.


How did you apply your HSPR skills to your job?

During my time at Health Canada, I applied the knowledge and skills I've gained through my graduate training to real-world situations where health decisions are made.

I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge of the Canadian health care system and health services research methods, and directly experienced the process of transforming evidence into sound health policy decision making.

Did this experience add value to your HSPR studies?

Absolutely, I learned more about the organizational structure of the federal government and how to effectively write for a policy audience.

In the process, I formed invaluable relationships with high-level decision makers in the Canadian government, with whom I hope to collaborate with in the future.

Did you gain anything from this experience that you did not expect?

My placement involved many opportunities for personal development beyond my day to day work. This included attending cabinet committee meetings, briefing note seminars and a week at the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada learning to prepare treasury board submissions. I became familiar with both the delicate jurisdictional roles in health care decisions making in Canada (between provinces/territories and the federal government), and the relationship between different agencies within the federal government.

This experience will be one I remember for the rest of my career as a health services researcher and would not have been possible without the support of CHSPR and the WRTC.