Live & Study @ UBC


Why choose UBC for Graduate Study?

Every year, UBC attracts outstanding students from around the globe to our world-class academic environment. Why do they choose the University of British Columbia? The answer to that question is unique for every student. But here are some reasons why UBC is the chosen academic destination for some of the world’s most promising young scholars:

Our People

Exceptional people come to UBC. Some of the world’s most exciting scientists, artists, adventurers, entrepreneurs, humanitarians and intellectual leaders come together in our academic community—including graduate students!

At UBC you can expect wise mentoring and supportive staff to help guide you to success. And of course, the lifelong friendships and intellectual partnerships you’ll develop as a member of our community will be among the most lasting benefits of a UBC graduate education.

Our Research

UBC is a research powerhouse. Our Faculties earned more than $469 million in research awards in 2007-2008, and UBC researchers file over 170 patents a year. Many programs have state-of-art new buildings and facilities. At UBC you will work side by side with our exceptional people as you delve into the most meaningful questions of our world. (UBC Annual Report 2007-2008.)

Our Values

UBC has a passionate vision for preparing exceptional global citizens and promoting a civil and sustainable society. Graduate students are a crucial element of promoting and living these values in our University community.

Our Setting

Learning at UBC means enjoying a superb campus in one of the planet’s truly spectacular regions—beautiful British Columbia. Vancouver—BC’s cosmopolitan urban centre—provides a temperate climate, safe streets, a vibrant arts and cultural scene, and a welcoming, culturally diverse population.

So, is UBC right for you? Only you can know for sure. But by choosing UBC you are undoubtedly joining a supportive community at the world’s leading edge of graduate education and research.