Evidence Soup for the Policy Maker's Soul

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Vancouver, BC
March 4, 2008 to March 15, 2008

CHSPR’s 2008 conference brought together Canadian and international leaders in health services research to look at how evidence intersects with policy-making, politics, the media agenda, public opinion, and the law.

CHSPR 2008 Health Policy Conference


March 4, 2008


   Morris Barer - Welcome and introductions

   Stephen Toope - Welcome and comments

Morning Session 1 - Health and health care: Perceptions and realities

   Clyde Hertzman - Health system performance: What matters

   Karen Davis - Health system performance: Challenges for the US and Canada

Morning Session 2 - Health is up, opinion is down, courts are engaged…

   Stuart Soroka - Media, public opinion and health policy

   Colleen Flood - Evidence, the judiciary, and public policy

Afternoon Session 1 - Evidence: Is more better?

   Kevin Grumbach - Evidenced-based, or evidence de-based, policy: Examples from US physician workforce research and policy

   Bob Evans - Pedal to the metal: How Canada’s medical schools hijacked the future (again)

Afternoon Session 2- Overcoming evidence: International examples

   Jeremiah Hurley - Turning logic and evidence on their heads: Australia's subsidy to private insurance

   Alan Maynard - The “blurred” reforms of the English NHS

Day 1 Wrap-up

   Steven Lewis


March 5, 2008

Morning Session 1 - And now for for something completely different: Good news!

   Michael Rachlis - Flying below the radar at warp speed: Good news about Canada's health care system and why you don't hear more about it

   Robyn Tamblyn - Adoption of electronic health records: Improving the outcomes of chronic disease management

Morning Session 2 - Making evidence work: Critical success factors

   Jeremy Grimshaw - Evidence and EBM is not enough: Building knowledge transfer and uptake infrastructure for health care

   Tony Culyer - OK, so EBM is not enough. What next then?

Panel discusssion

   Adalsteinn Brown

   Rick Roger

   Glenda Yates

Lunch Session

   Steven Lewis

We are grateful to the speakers who have made their slides available for download.