Health Innovation for Patients and Populations: Science, Systems & Structures

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CHSPR’s 2009 conference brought together Canadian and international leaders in health services research to explore how science, systems and structures can be organized to develop and apply valued technical and social innovations for patients and populations.



Day 1: Tuesday 24 February 2009





8:35 am -- Keynote Opening: Ingenuity  



Speaker: Thomas Homer-Dixon, University of Waterloo Audio Slides




9:30 am -- Opportunities and Challenges for Scientific Ingenuity in Health Care  



Speaker: Bob Hancock, Centre for Microbial Diseases Research, UBC Audio Slides
Speaker: Colleen Fuller, PharmaWatch Audio Slides
Speaker: Russell Williams, Canada's Rx&D Companies Audio Slides

10:50 am -- Scientific Innovation, the Economy, and Health  
Speaker: Adam Holbrook, Centre for Policy Research on Science & Technology, SFU Audio Slides
Speaker: Eliot Phillipson, Canada Foundation for Innovation Audio Slides
Speaker: Lynda Cranston, Provincial Health Services Authority    


1:00 pm -- Process Innovations in Health Care  
Speaker: Martin Puterman, Centre for Health Care Management, UBC Audio Slides


1:40 pm -- Health System Innovation  
Speaker: Ross Baker, University of Toronto   Slides


2:45 pm -- Policy Innovations for the Health of Populations  
Speaker: Larry Frank, School of Community and Regional Planning, UBC Audio  
Speaker: Clyde Hertzman, Human Early Learning Partnership, UBC Audio Slides


3:50 pm -- Competition, Choice, and Health System Innovation: Tales from the USA
Speaker: Arnold Relman, Harvard Medical School Audio Slides


4:45 pm -- Closing Remarks  
Speaker: Morris Barer, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, UBC Audio




Day 2: Wednesday 25 February 2009


8:40 am -- Pharmaceutical Innovation, Medicine and Policy  
Speaker: Marcia Angell, Harvard Medical School Audio Slides


9:35 am -- Innovation, Regulation and Regulatory Innovation  
Speaker: Donald Light, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Audio Slides
Speaker: David Lee, Health Canada Audio Slides
10:50 am -- Dealing with the Challenges of Health Innovation  
Speaker: Stirling Bryan, Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation, UBC Audio Slides


11:30 am -- Coverage with Evidence Development  
Speaker: Sean Tunis, Center for Medical Technology Policy Audio Slides


1:15 pm -- Public Involvement in Decision-Making  
Speaker: Michael Burgess, The W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics, UBC Audio Slides
Speaker: Marcia Kelson, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence Audio Slides


2:45 pm -- Law, Intellectual Property and Innovation  
Speaker: Timothy Caulfield, University of Alberta Audio Slides
Speaker: Janet Hope, Australian National University Audio Slides


3:55 pm -- Closing Remarks: On Having Cake and Eating it Too  
Speaker: Steve Morgan, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, UBC Audio