Lost in Knowledge Translation? Innovations in Health Human Resources Policy

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CHSPR’s 2010 conference brought together an international line-up of speakers that shared their expertise and insights from across the full HHR policy spectrum including training, communications, organization, financing, regulation and policy.


Day 1: Tuesday, March 30, 2010



8:30 am -- Welcome and introductory remarks

  John Dyble, Deputy Minister, BC Ministry of Health Services Audio  


8:45 am -- Opening Plenary  
  Elliott Fisher, Dartmouth Medical School Audio Slides


9:45 am -- Session I: Confronting the Dinosaurs  
  Alan Maynard, University of York, England Audio Slides
  Michael Rachlis, Health Policy Consultant, Toronto Audio Slides


11:00 am -- Session II: Critical HHR-related Success Factors  
  Cathy Ulrich, Northern Health, BC Audio Slides
  Brian Postl, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Audio Slides
  David Levine, Agence de la Santé et des Services Sociaux de Montréal Audio Slides


12:00 pm -- Lunch Presentation  
  Stephen Duckett, Alberta Health Services   Slides


1:45 pm -- Session III: Critical HHR-related Success Factors II  
  Jack Kitts, Ottawa Hospital Audio Slides
  Robert Reid, Group Health Research Institute, Seattle Audio
  Lauren Donnelly, Saskatchewan Health Audio Slides


3:30 pm -- Session IV: Innovative Models of Service Delivery I  
  Patrick McGowan, University of Victoria Audio Slides
  Linda McGillis Hall, University of Toronto Audio Slides
  Lynn Stevenson, Vancouver Island Health Authority Audio Slides



Day 2: Wednesday March 31, 2010



8:00am -- Session V: Innovative Models of Service Delivery II
  Ivy Bourgeault, University of Ottawa Audio Slides
  Katherine Fraser, Nova Scotia Department of Health Audio Slides
  Cindy Cruickshank, Nova Scotia Model of Care Initiative Audio Slides
  Laurie Poole, Ontario Telemedicine Network Audio Slides


10:20 am -- Session VI: The Role of the Health Professional Training Establishment  
  Robert Evans, University of BC Audio  
  John Gilbert, University of BC Audio  
  Marlene Raasok, Conestoga College, Ontario N/A* Slides
  * The audio is unavailable because of technical difficulties.  


12:00 pm -- Lunch Presentation  
  Steven Lewis, Health Care Consultant, Saskatoon Audio