Saskia Sivananthan

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Saskia Sivananthan
Position Title: 
PhD Student & GRA



Saskia Sivananthan is a doctoral candidate with CHSPR being supervised by Kimberlyn McGrail and Morris Barer.  Her research interests are in dementia care and policies, aging and use of the health care system.  She has worked as a research analyst for the CIHR Institute of Aging and as a Knowledge Broker for the Senior Health Research Transfer Network.  She currently holds a CIHR Banting and Best Doctoral Scholarship and received a Faculty of Medicine Graduate Scholarship.  She has previously training as a Neuroscientist (McGill University) where her research interest was in Familial Alzheimer’s Disease and Caspase-6.

Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals:

  • Sivananthan SN, Puyat JH, McGrail KM. Variations in practice among physicians providing clinical care to individuals with dementia: a systematic review. (submitted)
  • Sivananthan SN, Chambers LW. A method for identifying research priorities for health systems research on health and aging. Healthcare Management Forum 2013 (in press)
  • Sivananthan SN, Peterson S, Lavergne R, Barer ML and McGrail KM. Designation, diligence and drift: understanding laboratory expenditure increases in British Columbia, 1996/97 to 2005/06. BMC Health Service Research 2012; 12: 472.
  • McGregor MJ, Martin D. Testing 1, 2, 3. Is overtesting undermining patient and system health? Canadian Family Physician 2012; 58:1191-3 (Ackowledgements)
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  • Sivananthan SN, Lee AW, Goodyer CG, LeBlanc AC. Familial amyloid precursor protein mutants cause caspase-6-dependent but amyloid b-peptide independent neuronal degeneration in primary human neuron cultures. Cell Death and Disease 2010; 1 (11).
  • Sivananthan SN, Leavitt BR. Got NGF? Promising Gene Therapy Results in Alzheimer's Disease. Clinical Genetics 2005; 68 (3).
  • Sivananthan SN. The inheritance of loss: caspase 6 activity and effect in human neurons caused by Familial Alzheimer’s disease associated mutants. Master Thesis in McGill eScholarship Collection. Oct 2008