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BC Health Atlas, First Edition

BC Health Atlas, First Edition

1st Edition, UBC Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, Vancouver(BC) (2002)

The first edition of the Atlas was produced in January 2002, with funding support from the BC Ministries of Health. It is the first comprehensive atlas of population health in British Columbia. It provides map-based information about BC residents, their health status, and their use of health care, providing the basis for a different sort of understanding – one from a geographical perspective – of population health.


The Atlas includes geographic information on:

  • Demographics and health status for residents of BC
  • Social determinants of health – information about the economic and social structures outside the health care system, such as education and employment, that are known to have an influence on a population’s health
  • Human resourcing of health services and patterns of health service utilization
  • Special topics such as continuity of physician care, high users of physician services, and loss of independence using analyses of linked data from the BC Linked Health Database
  • Focus on the Vancouver Health Region: an illustration of fine detail mapping