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BC Rx Atlas 2nd Edition (2009)


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Publication Topics

BC Rx Atlas 2nd Edition (2009)

Publication TypeAtlas
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsMorgan SG, Cunningham C, Hanley G, Mooney D
Edition2nd Edition
Date Published09/2009
PublisherUBC Centre for Health Services and Policy Research
ISBN Number978-1-897085-19-6
Citation Key121
Full Text

This 2nd edition of The British Columbia Rx Atlas details regional variations in prescription drug spending and use across 79 Local Health Areas (LHAs) in British Columbia (BC), Canada.

To make “fair comparisons” across regions of the province, all analyses account for the age, sex, and health needs of residents within each LHA. This analysis is made possible by the availability of de-identified administrative datasets that describe the age, sex, health status, and medicine use of virtually all 4 million residents of BC. Together, these databases constitute one of the most comprehensive information resources of its kind in the world.

We used advanced statistical techniques on the BC datasets, quantifying not only regional variations in spending but also the regional variations in factors that determine the extent of spending.

We computed regional variations in the following factors related to prescription drug use and cost:

  • Prescription drug spending per capita

  • The number of users of treatment per 1,000 residents

  • The average number of days of treatment received per user of therapy, and

  • The average cost of treatment per day.

Download by Section

To download a PDF copy of a specific section of the BC Rx Atlas, 2nd Edition, please click on the appropriate link in the table below.

Also available for download are PowerPoint slides of the key results from each analysis conducted.

Copyright: The slides and excerpts from the BC Rx Atlas available from the links below are protected by copyright. They may be distributed for educational and non-commercial use, provided that the UBC Centre for Health Services and Policy Research is credited.


Section Name Section Text Slides of Key Findings
Table of Contents / Introduction / Methods / How to read the maps / Key findings PDF  
1 All prescription drugs on the market PDF PPT Slides
2.1 Cardiovascular drugs: Antihypertensives PDF PPT Slides
2.2 Cardiovascular drugs: Statins PDF PPT Slides
2.3 Cardiovascular drugs: Antithrombotics PDF PPT Slides
3.1 Neurological drugs: Antidepressants PDF PPT Slides
3.2 Neurological drugs: Antipsychotics PDF PPT Slides
3.3 Neurological drugs: Gabapentin, pregabalin, topiramate PDF PPT Slides
3.4 Neurological drugs: Benzodiazepines and related drugs PDF PPT Slides
3.5 Neurological drugs: Cholinesterase inhibitors PDF PPT Slides
3.6 Neurological drugs: Drugs for Parkinson's disease PDF PPT Slides
3.7 Neurological drugs: Psychostimulants PDF PPT Slides
4 Acid-reducing drugs PDF PPT Slides
5.1 Analgesics: Opioid drugs PDF PPT Slides
5.2 Analgesics: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs PDF PPT Slides
6 Inhaled drugs for respiratory conditions PDF PPT Slides
7.1 Diabetes drugs: Oral drugs PDF PPT Slides
7.2 Diabetes drugs: Insulins PDF PPT Slides
8 Oral antibiotics PDF PPT Slides
9 Hormonal contraceptives PDF PPT Slides
10 Drugs for erectile dysfunction PDF PPT Slides
11 Bisphosphonates PDF PPT Slides
Appendices: A-D PDF PPT Slides
Appendices: E-I PDF  
Data tables XLS  

Download Full Report

Download entire BC Rx Atlas, 2nd Edition (2009) [ZIP File: 19.5MB]