Tobacco taxes and health care costs. Do Canadian smokers pay their way?


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Tobacco taxes and health care costs. Do Canadian smokers pay their way?

Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsStoddart GL, Labelle RJ, Barer ML, Evans RG
JournalJournal of health economicsJ.Health Econ.
Pages63 - 80
Date Published1986
KeywordsCost-Benefit Analysis/methods, Health Expenditures, Health Services/utilization, Ontario, Smoking, Taxes
AbstractThrough their health care utilization, smokers are generally perceived to be imposing a financial externality on non-smokers within health insurance systems. To investigate the empirical basis for this view, we estimated publicly financed health care expenditure attributable to smoking for the Canadian province of Ontario and compared it to tobacco taxes paid by Ontario smokers. Both initial estimates and the results of sensitivity analyses performed on key assumptions and parameters of the estimation methodology rejected the hypothesized existence of a financial externality arising from smokers' health care utilization.
Citation Key481