Research Project

British Columbia Rx Atlas, 2nd Edition

Because of the potency and cost of pharmaceuticals, it would be ideal if all patients who needed medicines — and only patients who needed medicines — accessed them and used them appropriately. This 2nd edition of The British Columbia Rx Atlas details variations in prescription drug spending and use across 79 Local Health Areas in British Columbia.


Based on advanced statistical analyses of B.C.’s PharmaNet database, this atlas is the first study ever to measure small-area variations in prescription drug use and spending while taking into consideration differences in the health needs of local populations.


The atlas details regional variations in spending and use of all types of prescription drug combined, and separately for the 20 leading therapeutic categories.


Appendices of The British Columbia Rx Atlas, 2nd edition, contain information about regional rates of potentially inappropriate prescription drug use (e.g. long term use of benzodiazepines), and information about area-level socio-economic and cultural characteristics that help to explain some of the findings.


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