Research Project

Project Publication

Project Team

  • Contact: Margaret McGregor
  • Reva Adler, Vancouver Hospital
  • Mary Beck, Douglas College
  • Charlyn Black
  • Anne-Marie Broemeling
  • Marcy Cohen, Health Employees' Untion
  • Yuri Cvitkovich, Institute for Health Promotion Research
  • Kimberlyn McGrail
  • Lisa Ronald, Reseacher, CHSPR

Research Areas

Long-Term Care: For-Profit Vs. Non-Profit Ownership

In Canada, long term care for dependent elders is provided through a mix of for-profit and non-profit facilities. Studies from the United States suggest that care delivered by non-profit nursing homes is better than that delivered by for-profit nursing homes: it is hypothesized that the drive to minimize costs and maximize profit margins in for-profit facilities compromises care quality.

This project will look at the "natural laboratory" of Canada's long-term care facilities to compare outcomes between these sectors. As governments are increasingly seeking to expand for-profit care delivery as a possible solution to budgetary constraints, this study will play an important role in understanding the performance of this sector compared to the not-for-profit sector in the Canadian setting.


This study will use data from the BC Linked Health Database to compare mortality rates, acute care admission rates and physician visits for selected diagnoses of interest among British Columbia residents of for-profit and non-profit nursing homes.


  • Vancouver Foundation