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Measuring the Performance of Primary Health Care Surveys key aspects of PHC performance that could be measured right now, given Canada’s existing data capabilities.

Consensus Performance Indicators Categorized by Logic Model Domains Categorizes consensus indicators identified by the Canadian Institute for Health Information by the dimensions identified in A Results-Based Logic Model for Primary Health Care.

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A Results-Based Logic Model for Primary Health Care


Between 1997 and 2008, substantial federal and provincial investments are dedicated to improving the delivery of primary health care in Canada. Yet a common measurement and evaluation framework for understanding this sector, and the impact of renewal efforts, is lacking.

CHSPR has developed a results-based logic model for primary health care using the Treasury Board of Canada accountability framework, policy analysis, research evidence and broad consultation.

This logic model should focus and unify planning and evaluative efforts by enabling diverse stakeholders to work from a shared conceptual foundation of the main inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes of this sector. It defines the areas in which information, evaluation and evidence are needed for planning, implementing and reporting on primary health care renewal.


This project analyzed the stated goals and objectives of primary health care outlined in federal and provincial legislation, and by primary health care stakeholder groups, to understand the expected outcomes of investments. Existing conceptual models of health, health care and primary health care were reviewed, as well as literature on linkages between the structure, process and outcomes of primary health care. Key stakeholder input on a draft logic model was sought in a multi-stage iterative feedback and revision process. Stakeholder consultations included approximately 650 individuals across British Columbia and Canada. The Logic Model has been used to evaluate the primary health care sector in several Canadian provinces, as well as in Latin America and China.

Project Team

  • Contact: Diane Watson
  • Anne-Marie Broemeling
  • Robert Reid
  • Charlyn Black


  • BC Ministry of Health